The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

If I were to tell you that I found a book that has the potential to change your life if you read it and applied it to your life, would you believe me?

Would you buy the book asap and read it, no study it intensely?

I guess you might be one of the many who doubts these words.  I can only hope that your curiosity would get the better of you and that you will get this book, read it to be able to verify whether my conclusion is true or not.

Whatever the case may be, whether you believe me or not, I am here today to tell you that there is indeed such a book, and that this book will change your life and help you achieve whatever it is you desire.  If you are to read it and use the ideas and teachings contained inside this book, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, your life will surely change.

Here follows The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale review by me, Marlene W.  

The truth contained in this book is as relevant today as it was several decades ago when Earl Nightingale wrote the book, The Strangest Secret.  This book brings to you simplified techniques that anyone who desires to succeed in anything can use to easily accomplish success.

Although the teachings and techniques, all the ideas may sound simple, really easy and uncomplicated, jet when scrutinized it becomes apparent that all these are workable, usable and practical.

Earl Nightingale makes a very powerful statement “we become what we think about” then he goes on to quote great men throughout history who all hold this same view and achieved great success in various fields, men such as William James, Marcus Aurelius, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Vincent Peale.  In other words, he is saying that if you and I believe strong enough, with unwavering rock solid faith, that you and I will succeed, then we surely will succeed.  On the other hand if we believe in our own failure, then we surely will fail.

What we think about ourselves, I mean that which we label ourselves to be, whether we are really good at something or not, we will inadvertently become good or bad at that thing, whatever it is we believe ourselves to be, that we will be.  In other words, if we think in positive terms, we will achieve positive results for ourselves.  Does that make sense to you at all?

He also states in his book that “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.  Wow that is a mouth full.  What I understand from it is, whatever you want to become, your true desire deep inside your heart, if you worked hard at it, and realize it, then you will become successful.

Is this not also an indication that you and I should find something worth living for?  I think so.

He also stress on goals a lot and encourages us to set goals for ourselves.  We must set goals and work hard towards achieving these continuously in order to become successful.  Every day, every day, every day.  We have to keep working towards our goals every single day.

In his book, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, he also explains to us about the value of things.  He compares that which we get for free, with that which cost us money.  The interesting thing he says is that we tend to put a higher value to things that costs us money, rather than those things given to us for free.  Examples of these free things is the mind of man, love, family etc.

He emphasizes that we have to realize that everything that is priceless to us, like our mind and the power we have within ourselves, that which cannot be replaced, that is of true value.  Anything that can be obtained or replaced by money does not hold true value at all.  This is a very interesting point of view, one which I wholeheartedly agree with.

The majority of people on earth only use about 10% of their brain’s potential.  Imagine if you can use double that?  What do you think you will be able to accomplish?  The possibilities are endless, borderline miracles I would say.

We all have to pay a price for success, this means there are a few things we need to do in return for our success.  Let me give you a few examples, which I have learned from the book.  I personally like all these a lot, and I make extra effort to implement them in my everyday life since I had the opportunity to read this amazing book.

“Every action has a reaction”

“We become what we think about”

“Your limitation are self-imposed”

“You force all your courage to think positively on your problems”

“Save at least 10% of what you earn” Imagine that, if I had saved 10% of everything I’ve ever earned, I would indeed be rich today.

“Take Action – ideas are worthless unless we act on it”

How I wish I knew all these things, all he teaches in his book, about 20 years ago.  My life and me myself would have been completely different from what it is today.  I am making sure to teach my son everything that I learn on my journey now.  To make sure he get a better start in life than I did, with less headache stress and pain.  I went through some really tough times.

If you have children, maybe you should consider doing the same.  If all of us taught this valuable life lessons to our children, then we would have a better stronger more positive generation that takes the world over from us.

But to get back to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale review by me, I want to tell you about the thirty day challenge he puts out to us at the end of the book.  I take this as a way to get started, and to devote yourself to do what he teaches you for 30 days in order to make it a way of life.  This way your life will surely change for the better, and along with it all it will become the new habit.

I decided to take up the challenge and to go through the 30 day challenge.  He poses certain questions and tasks to us, which we have to accept and do every day for 30 days.  Let me elaborate.

What is it that you really want?  Is it money?  A certain job?  Whatever it may be, be specific, be clear and concise when defining what you want, then think and feel positive about it all the time.   No matter what, keep at it as if you are crazy and know no other way.

Stop thinking about your fears, instead replace your doubts and fears with positive thoughts and goals. Doubt and fear hold you back.  Makes you attract that which is blocking your way to success.

Do more than what is expected, do more than you have to in everything.  Do more, but also be more.  Give more, and smile more.  I am serious, smiling is good for you, trust me.

The more you decide and think about what it is you want, the closer you will get to be to your goal.  Don’t you worry about how at all, just know and keep at it and you will see the changes happen automatically.

Although it might be hard, to do this for 30 days without failure, maintaining this way of thinking and doing for 30 days will show you it works, and you will probably find yourself wishing that you have found this book, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale much earlier in your life, everything would be so much different… I know.

I am taking the 30 day challenge, I will give you an idea of how my journey changes over time.  I am so excited!


Day one of the thirty day challenge.

I put in all effort till I was good and tired.  So I read the book.  I liked it a lot.

Inside the book there is a challenge.  After I read the book, while I was writing my thoughts down on it, it struck me that the challenge is actually a brilliant idea.  Just there and then I decided to take up the challenge, but you already know that.  So lets keep going.

Today I did more.  Just more in everything I did.  More effort.  More of me.

My thinking cap was on today. Yeah.

In the book he discusses the aspect of God.  He has a really interesting point of view about who, where and what God is.  Irrespective of what religious belief you are.  We all belief in some higher power that we pray to for help when the poop hits the fan.   My point is, this point of view is very much the same as my belief that I grew up with.  To me that’s very interesting.  We’ll get back to this topic some time later.  I am still pondering it over.

I also realized today that attitude makes an enormous difference.  Yes, it does, attitude makes or breaks any situation.  A happy positive cheerful attitude changes so many things. And all of it for the better.  The stuff you and I can be proud of.

Today I started this book review, I don’t know what else to call it.  As well as the one by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich (It is still a work in progress).

Day two of the thirty day challenge

Started with a bang!  We overslept by almost an hour.  But, we somehow managed to be 5 minutes early for school and 5 minutes early for my nieces work.  Phew, it was such a rush.  We all were in a happy cheery mood and we just worked so well together.  I haven’t overslept in years!  And another thing, when I was dropping Niece off at work, my car battery died, the car wouldn’t start….

Oh my word… we had such a laugh, it was hilariously funny.  So our day started with some small bad luck, we had so much fun, we enjoyed the moment immensely while otherwise we would not have had this experience had it not been for the battery that died on me. How fortunate are we?

So the question here now is how does this happen?  How is it that the very next day, after you make a positive life enhancing decision everything seems to go wrong?

I have a theory, it’s simple.  It’s the devil.  I made a positive decision yesterday, I decided to take on the 30 day challenge and do my utmost best in all aspects of my life to change my life.  Certain areas of my life is in dire straights, so much so that a miracle is much needed, and that is exactly what I am looking to accomplish, which this book promises.  I am going to test this 100%, give it my all for the next 29 days still to come.

Yesterday was a really good start, today so far it’s been good, although I hit a few rough patches, my attitude was not affected, my attitude towards it all was great and cheery and positive.  Years ago, when I overslept I would breath fire and be a monster all day, but today is a whole different story and I feel so good.  I am proud.

Life is awesome and worth living.


Day eight of the thirty day challenge

The last few days have been good.  A few bumps here and there, but nothing major.  I have been thinking a lot and I realized a few things which I want to share with you.

You get up every day, you have a routine to get yourself ready for the day.  You take time to get yourself ready to face the world.  You don’t just get up and go out.  I am talking about washing, brushing teeth, dressing etc.  Its a ritual you do every day, the same should be done for our mentality.  Our attitude.  We have to make time in the morning as well to freshen up and revive our attitudes and our goals we are working towards.

I find it helps to keep the important stuff fresh and on the forefront of my mind the entire day.  I am a lot calmer and I don’t fret over the small stuff at all.  I feel kinda proud of myself.  I like this side of me a lot.

It’s a sad day today, my dog died unexpectedly last night.  I only saw signs of him not being all too well two days ago.  What I experience today with this thirty day challenge is sadness.  I am sad but I seem to be able to control the sadness.  It’s not controlling me.

Among all this I have a question today.  In his book, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, he gives us reason to believe that God is not a physical being somewhere, he proclaims that God is within each of us.  I do agree with his theory, but then, I have to add, that I grew up in a religion that believes very much the same.

To get back to the point, if God is within us, then where will the devil be?  Or the evil side of whatever your belief is.  I have the utmost respect for all religious beliefs.  None the less, interesting question don’t you think?  Would that mean that the devil is inside us as well?  Another interesting question…  Leave me a comment, your view on this subject would be greatly appreciated, thanking you in advance, you are awesome.

Earl Nightingale does reveal what the secret is in his book The Strangest Secret.  What is even better than the secret being revealed, he gives us the exact ways as to how to apply this strange secret in our lives.


Day eleven of the thirty day challenge

Its a bunch of people together, people with the exact same goal and mindset at that very given time.   True happiness, true peace and true tranquility.  In most even the emotions are exactly the same.  Power in its biggest form.

All that potential power, all those powerful minds all focusing mind body and soul on the exact same thing.  How much potential power to you have their all in one place. Extraordinary.  I only realized this today.  I have been a part of such a magnificent community all my life and I only realize this now.

Its a tad bit of a disappointment that it took me so long to figure out.  But I have to say, I am impressed, I did it before 40.  I now know something I didn’t know before. Yeah.

Its strange that your eyes can be opened in life to new amazing experiences.  I told you earlier in this page that I found something I love by changing my attitude towards this specific thing.  Its got to do with music.

Due to my eyes being opened to this music, I saw and learned more than one valuable lesson.  I learned that I have an amazing support system that I can tap into and use anytime I want.  But I also learned that I am part of an amazing support system where I can help other members achieve their goals and desires as well.

There is something else I’d like to share with you today.  My Dad has a saying that you can break one match easily in half.  But the more that matches become the more difficult it is to break them.  Someone else I heard speaking said the same thing just in other words.

He used the example of reeds.  One reed is easily broken, but a bunch of reeds will surely give you a hard time doing the same, a real hard time. This is a great example of our strength when we stand together, with everything we’ve got.  What can be stronger than that?  Do you also see God working through people this way?  To me it makes complete sense.

What is it that you really want?

Stop thinking about your fears.

Do more than what is expected.

Do you remember the above from the beginning of this page.  I thought I needed a refresher.  Therefor post it so I can see it for the next few days when I log on.  Just a subtle reminder to me.  To keep fresh in mind, to keep my eye on the goal.  I think I am doing really really good.

You know what I did?  No you don’t, but let me tell you.  I wrote these three phrases on a piece of paper, and stuck it with press stick to the wall right in front of my loo.  When I look up I look at it.  To me this works really good.  It’s worth a try, don’t you think?


Day thirteen of the thirty day challenge

Today is month end.  This is usually the worst time for me.  Its the time when I realize the month is over, it’s the time when bills have to be paid and its the time of the month that gives me an idea of how the month ahead will be like.  How much money I’ll have to get through the month ahead.  As I am going through a very rough patch in my life I usually break down, when worry and stress takes over.

I am feeling stronger and more positive than the previous months.  It’s been a year since I started to sink into a deep dark hole.  For the past year I’ve tried to get out of this horrible place.  I am still in a place of dire finances.  Not being able to see where the next months meals will come from.

I am strong and I am proud of myself for not breaking down.  Giving into the negativity.  Maybe tomorrow I will see the light and something will change.

Hopefully I can just keep this good up and more upwards from here.  Maybe things will be different come the next end of the month.


Day sixteen of the thirty day challenge

Halfway into the challenge and I broke down.  What a miserable feeling.  What a horrible place to be at.

I feel broken and defeated.  I see no light in the deep dark tunnel.

It’s all too much for me today.  I made it good for the past few days, but something just snapped in me today and I failed.

I failed the thirty day challenge and I failed my son.  It’s worse than ever!  I feel depressed and I see now way out.

How do you stop or overcome this horrible situation?  I sure don’t know how. I don’t know how to fix myself today.  It’s all just too much for me to bear.  I am so weak today and I can’t stop crying.  It seems to come from a place which I have no control over.  How does one get into this?

All these thoughts and questions going through my head.  Times like this I feel completely and utterly alone.  As if there is no one out there that feel the same or understands what I am going through.  I question my faith, my believe and even question the existence of my God.  How would my all powerful God let this happen to me when I give my all to Him and his Church?  Does my almighty God not have interest in me or my life?  Do I depend and believe in something that does not exist?

I as a parent love my child so much I would never let my child suffer this way.  Or am I being punished for something I don’t know I did?  Do I not serve a God or love and forgiveness?  If so, why this harsh punishment?  I would never punish my child this way no matter what.

The questions haunt me, why why why?  But I have been taught all my life to never ask why.  Never question God or my circumstances.

Just when I think things are turning and getting better then three horrible things happen to put me right back where I was or even in a worse place.  How do I get out of this and move a little up.  A little bit in a better direction.

I am a good person, I do good unto others.  I am always a little ray of sunshine, positive and inspiring towards others.  Picking them up and helping them be better.

I seem to have a constant fight, a battle I fight with a solid brick wall.  I failed.  I have to start again, from day one.  Today I’ll break down and I’ll give in and get it all out.  I’ll sit in my corner and I’ll give into sorrow and self pity.  Tomorrow I’ll start again, from scratch at day one and I’ll fight again.  But today I am not strong enough.  I will fight again.


Day seven of the thirty day challenge ~ The second attempt at my endeavor.

I’ve made educated decisions.  This is a huge stepping stone for me.  I used to react on impulse all the time.  I never just took a minute to think for a moment.

This past week I made educated decisions.  I am so proud of myself.  And I can honestly add that everything I did that the book The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale told me to has turned out to be easier and more effective than the first try.

I am in a state of complete euphoria.

All I can say about this awesome book at this stage in my personal path to enlightenment is that it’s working for me.  I can see the changes in my life.

Update 28.04.2017

I did not realize it the first time around, there is 3 things he outlines that I have to do a few times every single day.  Write your goals down, get rid of your fears and be better at everything every new day.

It is important to write your goals down.  To carry them with you and to read them each time you are able to, being cheerful, relaxed an positive while doing so.  Not fake, genuine.  You do this every morning upon waking up, as well as at night in bed just before falling off to peaceful sleep.

You become what you think about, therefor it makes sense, the more you think about what you want, the faster and quicker you will manifest this in your life, and in yourself.  Your goal must be a smart goal, having smart goals are essential to your success.

S – Specific and Significant

M – Measurable and Meaningful

A – Attainable and Action-Oriented

R – Relevant and Rewarding

T – Time-bound and Track-able

Goal setting is a powerful process about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of your desired future into reality.

Keep a mental attitude that failing is not an option, it is impossible to fail.  Remove doubt and fear from your mind.  Simply replace destructive thoughts and feelings with constructive ones.

Your success is a direct indication of the quality and quantity of service you offer.  Always aim to help others first and foremost.  The rest falls into place automatically.  There is not such thing as something for nothing.  This is a true natural law.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you different, you have to offer something of true value in order to receive something of value to you.  Quality service comes first, after that comes the money.

Stick to it and do it for 30 days, if you fail and you fall into negativity.  Stop. Take a moment to reflect on what you want and then start the whole process over again.  Never ever stop trying.  As long as you continue you’ve already won a big bunch, one you quit, it’s done, then you’ve lost.

My inner thoughts on this phenomenal book The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.


I hope you found this post helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with the important people in your life, (and the less important ones too;-) they may all find value in these written words, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  I’d love to hear from you.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me at

Always remember every day holds the possibility and the promise of a miracle. 























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10 Responses to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

  1. Lyle

    I’m a big fan of Napolean Hill’s ‘Think & Grow Rich’ and seeing as he has referenced Earl Nightingale within it, I’m definitely interested in readinn his book, even though I expect to see much of the same things.

    I know this shouldn’t really matter but could you tell me how long the book is? It’s just I like to read a different book a week so I want to see h9ow much time I’d have to commit to the book.

    Thanks for the great recommendation, hopefully it’ll lead to much better things!

    • Marlene W

      Thank you for your comment Lyle. I have a copy on my e-book reader of this book. I have not jet had the privileged of obtaining the hard copy. The copy I have is about 10 pages. It’s not a long book at all. You see when I want a book I need to get it from Amazon or I have to travel about 280km to the nearest bookstore, then back again. Amazon products for me takes a few months to reach here. I order these amazing books but I also read them in pdf format or similar.

      I live in a small town in a small country in Africa. It’s a wonderful place, I love it here.

      But to get back to the point, its not a long book at all, if you like reading, you will read this one within a day. You don’t need a week for it at all.

      It’s not the same as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Or rather let me rephrase, its the same but it’s not. The idea behind it is the same, but the writing and the information and they way he explains how to incorporate it into your life is different.

  2. Netta

    Hey Marlene:

    I enjoyed your take on Earl Nightingale’s book. What impressed me more is the effort you are putting into actually working with the concepts to change your own way of walking.

    My own feeling is that no matter how good a book is, the effect it has on your own life is only as powerful as the effort you yourself put into embedding it in there. Good job!

    • Marlene W

      Thank you very much Netta. Much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed it.

      I figure I can only talk about something with authority when I’ve been through it. When I’ve also done it. It is the only way to be an example to others who needs it too. I need to know for sure whether it can be done before I can assure you, or anyone else for that matter. I like your point of view on the way I am doing it, thank you.

      I agree with your feeling that no matter how good a book is, it depends on you exactly what and how much power a book has. True spoken words Netta.

      Thank you again Netta. I am grateful you visited my world today, thank you that I am able to share something so amazing with you.

  3. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Marlene,
    Great article. I have not read this book, however I should! I found a 40min audio on youtube and it was about The Strangest Secret and it was brilliant. It covered everything you have here. I know when I have written goals I definitely strive for them. I need to carry my goals with me though and be looking at them regularly.

    I try to listen to the audio atleast 1 time a week to remind me of how important this is – but still it is the actions I take as to whether I be successful or not!
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Marlene W

      Hi Sharon. Thank you very much. I agree with you, the book is brilliant, therefor an audio will also be brilliant. I love reading therefor I would rather get the book and read it.

      This is one of the books that I read regularly too to keep it all fresh in my mind, because this is powerful stuff. This is a great help in various aspects of my life.

      I am glad to see you are also one to benefit from The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.

      Sharon thank you very much for taking the time to leave me your comment. I greatly appreciate it. Great blessings and success to you and may that which you learn from this great book help you achieve great success in whatever it is you desire.

  4. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing the strangest secret by earl nightingale. I use to listen to him as a child and I really love his show. He believe that he was one of the best motivational speaker that ever lived. For success we all need to stay motivated because there are times when we need it. Success lies in being motivated. So I would encourage persons to read this book I myself would also love a copy. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Marlene W

      Thank you Norman. I appreciate your comment very much.

      There are times when we need motivation, and then there are times when we are motivation as well. You are right, we have to stay motivated at all times.

      Motivation is good but there are a few other things which you need to combine in order to achieve complete success. Although motivation plays a big part. I wrote about another book as well, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Read what this book is about here.

      According to this book, there are 13 principles which we need to combine in order to obtain what we want.

      Get yourself a copy of both, you’ll thank yourself.

  5. ches

    I have really tried to change my paradigms as Earl Nightingale writes in his famous book. I also checked out all of Bob Proctor’s ideas and really got into changing my life. It really did start to work, things were slowly changing but….
    The problem I had, (I know I’m making excuses) is that my family thought I was going a bit strange and this in itself put the brakes on.
    Many people have such difficulty changing their lifestyle, whether it be diet or change of heart, change of mind, change of outlook etc.. It is the strong minded that get there in the end. I just wish I had started the journey when I was younger.
    For those that take this path, you HAVE to change your habits and paradigms to get to where you want to be and you HAVE to change your opinion of yourself and what you can achieve. The very best of luck with your challenges and I will check out your next post with interest. Ches

    • Marlene W

      Hi Ches, do you remember the stories of the numerous people who failed 1’000 times? Do you remember that they tried once more and then they succeeded? Whether we have excuses or not, what matters is not to give up! Never give up on yourself.

      If you want to change, just do it. Don’t worry about the rest, just do your thing. They will see the change in you and in your life, and that alone will be proof to them. You don’t need to tell them it works, show them it works.

      Actions speak louder than words.

      My family may also think I am a bit dilly too. I am a bit different than the rest, a bit out. I don’t mind this at all. I do even have fun with it sometimes.

      Come back for more, a lot of interesting stuff is coming. I really do appreciate you visiting my world. It’s great to have you.

      Blessings and success to you

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