The Miracles of Your Mind by Joseph Murphy

One of the most practical guides I’ve read, a masterpiece by Joseph Murphy, The Miracles of Your Mind.  With practical techniques.  I am overjoyed that I read this one after Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Many concepts that he writes about is also written about here in The Miracles of Your Mind.  The difference is this book gives it to us more simple, more practical approach.   More understandable, whereas Hill goes more in-dept into each process.  These are both masterpieces and great books to read.

To get back to The Miracles of Your Mind by Joseph Murphy, this is one of the books that should be read more than once.  This is a great book.

Do you know how your own mind works?  You have two minds, the objective mind or conscious mind, and the subjective mind, or subconscious mind.  He also refers to the two minds as the waking and sleeping mind.  This has great significance which I saw later on in the book.

The subconscious mind or sleeping mind is the one Joseph Murphy refers to the most.  The “holy” place of creation.  This is the place and time where all the “magic” happens.  Joseph Murphy describes so many astounding things the subconscious mind can do and achieve. Some I did not think possible, but surely according to the examples used and described in detail it is possible to control things and read people’s minds and travel to anywhere and obtain any information you want.  Some of these are stuff I myself only a few months ago would have thought only possible in movies, made up imagination of someone.

I doubted the possibility of some….

I was intrigued by this book from the first page.  Is an easy and enjoyable read throughout the book.  I could not put it down until I’ve finished it.  And then the next day I read it again (lol).

The subconscious mind accepts all suggestions from the conscious mind. Thereafter the subconscious mind fulfills your wishes.  It only operates on your wish is my command…  It accepts the orders and suggestions given to it as being true.  Your conscious mind is the director, the master of your life.

There is a powerful force within you, you should learn how to use it, the same as when you learn to ride a bike.  Once you realize and know how you will be unstoppable.

We all are learning more and more about the uses and power of the mind, I for one are very much intrigued and would like to know more.  We have unexplored power and possibilities.  I like it, I like it a lot.

I am gradually awakening to the possibilities of healing and creation powers I have in my mind.  That is why I am constantly looking out for books about the mind and the power of the mind.  Reading them, studying them and applying everything I learn in my own life.  My results are amazing.  I am a happy, free and a peaceful person.  Having peace is priceless you know.

All of these books, like The Miracle of your Mind by Joseph Murphy, I can see they all point to the same thing.  The same outcome, they just do in different ways.  In this I see that there is not only just one way to do this and achieve success.  There are different variations to achieve the same.  Your mind is an open book, a big thick one with many pages to write exactly what you want to write.  Create exactly what you want.

I am in training to become extraordinary.  I extent to you an invitation to join me.

Faith and the power of prayer.  Wait, don’t stop reading by the mention of prayer.  Hear me out first.  Prayer is basically suggestions given to the subconscious mind by the conscious mind in repetition in a peaceful way.  The subconscious mind being the all powerful force.  God with and within man.

Those of us who grew up in Christian homes were taught from a very young age to pray before bed time.  We had little child prayers we would recite.    First we learned to pray for all the obvious things, your mom and dad and your house and bed and pets, teacher, friends etc.  Later on our prayers changed and we prayed like grownups do, for all those but also wealth, peace, health, happiness etc.

Can you see it too, just as I’ve said above, at the time when we are still, our minds are quiet and we are relaxed.  That state just before sleeping, we give suggestions to our subconscious mind, then we fade off to dreamland and the subconscious mind springs to work, making these reality.  Or not, depending of course what we add onto that.  Do we add disbelief, or worry.  That gives the mind the completely wrong idea and the wrong ideas are created.  As simple as that.

Yes, it would seem simple, but then again there is a little bit of a catch.  Prayer should be positive and uplifting all the time, not a begging for health or wealth or anything.

Do you also see the amazing power that prayer can have?  Read this great book, it will give you a whole different picture.  One that makes a lot of sense.

Your mind can heal your whole body to health and harmony with child like miracle making faith.

He writes about alcoholism, uses this to explain a very good concept on how to break an addiction or habit.  Just as alcoholism is a disease of the mind, any other addiction is the same.  They can be treated and healed in the same way.  I’ve heard many say that an addiction is never truly healed or truly overcome, well I tend to disagree after reading this book.

He describes in detail what an addiction is and how to break it permanently using the power of your subconscious mind.  You have the power to break any habit or addiction permanently.

Your thinking controls you and your life.  Your subconscious mind accepts and acts according to what is given to it by your conscious thinking and feeling.

I have to add though, the subconscious mind will not easily just accept contradictions, it accepts what you believe and feel to be true, or what you accept as being possible.  You have to gain the cooperation of your subconscious mind in order to impress on it.

In Miracles of the Mind Dr. Joseph Murphy discusses his theory that we have amazing powers inherent in our subconscious minds that has the potential to change or improve our lives. This power we have can improve health, create wealth overcome addictions and bad habits, improve relationships, in general provides us with the best guidance in making all decisions.

He gives us tools, examples and attitudes in order to open up the infinite power within us.  Whatever it is you wish for, that has thus far been unattainable, this book gives guidelines and usable examples to put you on the right path to success.

The ideas portrait in the book is wonderful inspiring ideas.  I particularly enjoyed the chapter on the subconscious mind and health.  I am blessed to have a copy of this great book.

I like the suggestion to declare it is passing away.  That whatever ailment or pain you have is there, acknowledge it, thank it for coming and then tell it to heal itself and that it is passing away, going away.  I tried this and it works.  I removed the negative suggestion by using a counter suggestion.  One that is believable to both conscious and subconscious minds.

This book is a wonderful read.  Awaken your subconscious mind and once you start to realize the power of your mind, you can solve any problem, the change has to come from within you.  A simple trick that makes a great wonderful life.

Get your copy of The Miracle of Your Mind by Joseph Murphy here.

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Always remember every day holds the possibility and the promise of a miracle. 





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