The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol

She found this book, The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol, a few weeks ago. Things you need in your life comes to you, sometimes in mysterious ways. It was like one of those mysterious ways with this book. This book actually found her, she did not find the book. It is as if the book chose her.

She read it a few times. A few things Claude Bristol wrote about in the book made sense to her, and she tried them. Testing to see what the results may be.

The two things she tried was the Mirror method and Subliminal messaging.

She knew about these methods, from previous readings, they are both advanced Law of Attraction methods. Something that would seem simple, something that is too simple to work, or just something other people can master, but not her. She never thought to try it before, but after reading this book she decided to try both methods. Each in her own way. Then she combined them at some point.

She reported that they work like magic! Fast, effective and quicker than any other way.

One thing you always have to remember, you have to add faith and an unwavering solid strong belief.

There is genuine magic in believing.

If you don’t belief it, you will never achieve it. To have a firm trust in what we cannot hear, smell, feel, taste or feel.

The Mirror method and Subliminal messaging is excellent tools to used to shape your life the way you want it, but without belief it all is just dead. Do you have true belief!

Let’s discuss what she did with the Mirror method first.

She put a mirror to talk to herself in her loo. So that when she sits down and does this very important job, she actually looks herself in the eye, and can speak to herself without any distractions at least twice a day. With this she put some “post it’s” close by to remind her constantly of what she wants to tell herself.

She also put a mirror just behind, a bit above her computer screen where she works daily, with “post it” bits of picture words to remind her of her goals. Without anybody knowing what it is, or what it means.

She also made a point of looking herself in the eyes when brushing teeth in the morning, while thinking as loud as she can in her head what it is that she wants.

The mirror method works wonders, like magic. It works because you look yourself straight in the eye and you talk to yourself. I think there is no way you cannot belief what you say. Your subconscious mind knows you’ll only speak truth to yourself. This method is an excellent way to change your subconscious mind’s belief.

I personally belief that talking to yourself is a good practice.

I read somewhere a long time ago that it is the practice of successful intelligent people to do so. People tend to think you are crazy when you do talk to yourself, but I found I tell myself the truth and I see better into myself.

She went a little step further, and she combined subliminal messaging with the mirror method while using picture words. The picture words are written all over the place where she spends the majority of her time on a daily basis. These serve as reminders. Without others knowing what it means or what it is.

What she did, is she wrote a few pages of what she wants. Her desires and her goals. She was clear, concise and definite in what she wants. She also wrote about herself, confirming who and what she is, or wants to be. Then she recorded herself speaking these words to herself.

The first recordings she made was good. It was just words. Then after two days she re recorded with more enthusiasm and more faith, more believable to her own ears.

Then after another two days she did the same again. The difference between recording 1 and recording 10 was astonishing. Her voice had more authority, more determination and was a lot more convincing. She started to belief herself.

What she did with these recordings from the first one, was to listen to herself, her own affirmations twice daily. She recorded these on her phone and listened to herself with earphones. At night she put herself talking on low volume and drifted off to sleep with her own voice speaking to herself in her ears.

After just a week, she is a walking miracle. I am telling the truth. She was not looking for money or love or anything else but pain relieve and a healthy body. She has been suffering from serious back pain for years. The doctors told her that there is no cure, she will have to live with this condition forever, painkillers and eventually a wheelchair by her 40s is what she was doomed for. She desperately wants to live without pain.

She healed her body, she is pain free from day 3 after she started with these two methods alone. Imagine what you can do for yourself if she can cure her pain. I have not seen her move and play ever before, as she has been doing for the past few weeks. She is totally taking full advantage of having no pain.

Would you say it’s a miracle?

She herself can hardly belief this health transformation, but she has vowed to never stop using these techniques, and to keep on believing in her own healing power. This is part of her daily routing now, and she is reaping rewards like she never imagined possible. She is only 39 but she is set on never using a wheelchair as they predicted she would. She has this firm unwavering strong belief that she is completely healed of this condition she suffered from for years.

What is true belief? It is the firm positive conviction of what we trust, but cannot see or hear or taste or feel or smell or touch, that goes through every fiber of one’s being, heart, mind and soul.

There is genuine magic in believing.

The conscious mind is the thinking mind, the subconscious mind is the root of all your power, belief is the golden tread that runs through it all. Believe supplies the power to the subconscious mind. Repetitive affirmations lead to belief.

Mental attitude is more important than mental capacity. With the right mental attitude you can rule the world.

To get the best results, it is recommended to practice this for 21 days. Twice a day is better than once, early morning upon waking up and again at night before sleep. A habit is formed in twenty-one days. But if you can do this for 90 days. Then this habit is changed into a lifestyle. She is pushing for ninety days, or more. She is planning to change her body and her health permanently. A lifestyle change is a permanent change.

This book, The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol is a valuable book. It gives more insight and more useful information than you can imagine from such a small book. It does not take long to read, it’s an easy read that is understandable to anyone. This book has the ability to change many things you struggle with.

Get your copy of The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol and read it.  Read it more than once, I suggest you read this book once a week for the next twenty three weeks.  There are a lot inside this book that I have not discussed here today.  I only touched on two concepts, there are more.

Unleash the magic within you!

I believe you found this post helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with the important people in your life, (and the less important ones too;-) they all will find value in these written words, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  I’d love to hear from you.

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Always remember every day holds the possibility and the promise of a miracle. 

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