The Easyway to Stop Smoking Book by Allen Carr

The Easyway to stop smoking book by Allen Carr is a true gem.

Let me tell you how this story goes.

I have these friends, let’s call him Mr. G. and her we call Ms. C.  They were both smokers, he still is but she is not.

She is a happy healthy proud non smoker.

She has been free of the monster for a while now.  And it’s been a magnificent voyage towards freedom.  Freedom from the monster of smoking.

She wasn’t planning on quitting.  Her friend asked her to get the book for him.  He heard about it somewhere from someone.  They discussed it and decided that it’s worth a try.

They both like smoking.
Neither of they intended to quit.

She got a copy and decided to read it.  Before giving it to him.  She is naughty that way.

But anyhow she read it with the idea to see what all the fuss is about.  Mr. G. is a funny kind of person, very interesting person.  She likes spending time with him and she knows from experience that when he is interested in something it’s worth taking a look at.  So she started to read.

Halfway through the book she was still hooked on smoking.  Frankly because she liked it.  She likes smoking because it’s something naughty that she can hide from everyone around her.  Only a few selected people know.  A lot of people she knows have a hunch but they never really knew.  Or rather that’s what she think, she may be completely wrong.

But then she finished the book.  The next time that it was time for her regular secret smoke she just was not in the mood to smoke.  She told myself that she can get her usual fix the next opportunity she gets.

Needless to say she realized a week thereafter that she’s actually quit smoking.  What a surprise to her to realize that she haven’t smoked for a whole week and she haven’t even noticed!

Now you may ask what happened with Mr. G.?  Well, he is too afraid to read the book now.

Of course she knows all to well not to push him at all.  She’ll just leave it be and let him be.  He will read it soon enough.  The book is on his dresser table in his bedroom….

In The Easyway to Stop Smoking book by Allen Carr he advises you to never ever try any form of nicotine once you did exactly what he says.  But as usual she has to try his theory, and she did.

The big question now is what happened?

One day she tried a cigarette again.  Actually to tell the truth, she had three cigarettes that day.  The next morning she was sick,  had an enormous head, heavy and dull and throbbing.

Not a headache, but a big heavy head.

And she was tired all day.  She could hardly stay awake all day, yawning and teary eyed and sleepy.  She felt terrible.

That one day that she stepped over the line made her realize completely that every word written in the Easyway to Stop Smoking book by Allen Carr is the one true cure to the monstrosity that was ruling and controlling me, my health.

I suggest you read the book, and you decide the outcome.

Update ~ 2 months later…

Mr. G eventually took the book.  He has read it halfway, now he stopped reading because he can’t stop now…. because someone was about to come visit for a while and then “he really needs to smoke” he said. Otherwise this person will make him crazy!  We all know those excuses, all smokers or ex-smokers made them at one time or another in their smoking lives.

Keep fingers crossed, his reason for smoking leaves soon, then he will go back to reading this amazing book and he will surely quit.

Get your copy of Easyway To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr here and see the value for yourself.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with the important people in your life, (and the less important ones too;-) they may all find value in these written words, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  I’d love to hear from you.

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Always remember every day holds the possibility and the promise of a miracle. 

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8 Responses to The Easyway to Stop Smoking Book by Allen Carr



    I just read your story on this book and I have been a smoker my whole life and I also want to stop smoking. I literally got this book from a very close friend last night and I promised myself just to read the intro for the night but when I finally went to bed I nearly started with chapter 4. I just can’t stop reading and I believe with the right mindset and this great book it truly is going to be the easy way to stop smoking.

    • Thank you Kobus for you comment and for taking the time to read my page. I greatly appreciate.

      It is great that you have such an awesome friend that gave you this book. This friend must be amazing 😉.

      It’s great that you got so far already… Good on you. Let me know how it ends, I would love to know.

  2. alexandra

    It really is a bad habit. I have been a on and off smoker for years. I am currently off and has been since september. A friend of mine is trying to get healthier as he is overweight and he is a heavy smoker. Like 50 smokes a day heavy smoker. It is important with messages like this. I will be sure to let him know about this book and hopefully he might give it ago. He is currently trying aloe vera. Hopefully something will stick.

    • Marlene W

      Being an on and off smoker is reason enough to get your copy and make sure you are an off smoker only.

      Wise choice to share with your friend. Then don’t be hopeful, have faith. 

      You were asking for a solution, you got the answer today. Believe it’s been given to you. 

  3. Mary Ann

    Hi Marlene. I love the name of your website – I am a readaholic too! 

    I love this review on this book. I am not a smoker myself but you make this sound very intriguing. If I was a smoker, I would be hooked like Mrs. G! 

    I am meeting a friend in an hour for dinner. You guessed it…she is a heavy smoker. I am going to recommend this book to her. Thanks for sharing!

    • Marlene W

      I’ts cool to have a fellow readaholic visit my site. Thank you 🤩. I’ts an honor. 

      Your friend will greatly benefit. I like to think of her as Ms C… May she also kick the monster for good. 

  4. Gomer Magtibay

    Hahaha I like your way of promoting that book! This proves something really effective: Facts tell, but stories sell. But anyway, there must be something really great with that book, and although I am not a smoker, that got me curious. I have friends and relatives who seem to be having a hard time getting rid of their smoking habit, maybe I can recommend this book to them. There’s only one problem: Most of them are not fond of reading books! So, I think I am the one to buy this book for them, lend the book for them and see how it will turn out.

    • Marlene W

      Thank you so much. Yours is the best compliment I’ve received so far 🤩

      You have to share with your relatives please. Not just smokers, anyone with a nasty bad habit. 

      I have a solution to your relatives reading problem 😀  follow the link in the page for the book. Then instead of getting the book get them the audiobook. Problem solved…. Have them listen to it. Success achieved. 

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