7 Books To Enrich Your Life

A list of books I’ve read.  Self help books that enriched my life.  Each of these has been an amazing addition and truly added value to my every day life.

If you have been so fortunate to have read some of these, please let me know your thoughts, if not then I suggest you take a look at some, read my thoughts, feelings and experiences with each and see if you think you will also find value.


The Miracle of Your Mind by Joseph Murphy

This is a very good book indeed, a masterpiece by Dr. Joseph Murphy.  If you suspect or believe that your mind is all pervasive and powerful, you will enjoy this book immensely.  There are beautiful lines and examples found in this book to illustrate the power of your conscious mind over your subconscious mind.

Very well written and I love that with all of his examples as to what to do, it starts by you sitting, relaxed and focused on the power within you, then you start with whatever it is you want to ask or achieve.  Always relax body and mind first.

You can get a solution once and for all for every problem or situation that you want to change if you keep depositing positive, joyful and harmonious thoughts and feelings into our subconscious mind.  Facing and eliminating fearful and doubtful thoughts.

I love the book, I’ve read it more than once and I’ve implemented many of the techniques state in the book in my own life.  My results are great.

Find out what your hidden or unknown abilities are, it can do wonders.  I strongly recommend you read this book at least once.  It is easy and quick to read.

To read more on my ideas and experiences with this book, follow the link above.


 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

One particular chapter in this book is not written or spoken about by many.  The chapter on Sex Transmutation is a really interesting chapter.  It’s interesting because it’s about the most controversial topic known to man.  Whatever…. I am talking about it today.

If you follow the link above it takes you to another article I’ve written on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  In that article I do not discuss Sex Transmutation at greater length but I do elaborate on a lot of the other principles.

The way I understand it is when a person has sex, there is this whole atmosphere, the feelings and emotions, the sexual tension the mindset and the connection with another person who is in the exact same state of mind, on the same wave length as yourself.  All this energy you can “change” (hence the transmutation) or channel into your desires which makes for great results.  In other words, making love to your desires, simple and easy right.  Yeah, it sure sounds easy.  There is a catch to it though…

The question that now arise in my mind is how do I do this?  Sexual energy is desire.  In other words sexual desire energy is at play.  This is an extremely strong powerful energy.  In the words of Napoleon Hill:

“When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage,

will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

You transform mediocrity into genius by re-directing your mind from thoughts of physical expression to thoughts of another creative effort, for example your goals, to create the life you desire.

You must harness this creative energy, whilst concentrating on your vivid picture of your goal or goals.  I take one at a time.  I make love to it as I would to my lover.  I use the “cuddling” time after to be passionate towards my goals.  I see it, I feel it, I draw it closer and I make love to it by means of a vision I hold in my mind.  With my eyes closed.

You can have your heart’s desire if you desire it bad enough.  I feel that the topic needs to be understood by more people to make the world a better place full of riches, love and creativity.  What a happy place the world will be then. 

My way of doing it is not completely as easy as just that.  In order for it to be effective it must be build up energy, therefor there must be no release.  Yes you understand correctly, no orgasm, no release.  No I direct this build up of sexual energy and I focus vividly on my goal.  Whatever it is I want to achieve or change.

Trust me when I say intimacy without traditional orgasm results in the greatest experience.

I have to add, before I forget to mention, one very important factor we all need to remember and always adhere to.  Abstinence from masturbation is crucial.  No more masturbating ever, and porn together with it.  I never knew it’s actually really really bad for you and for your life and whatever you want to achieve.  Really bad.

Once you master the art of sexual transmutation you will never look back…


The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

The strangest secret is you become what you think about.  Really?  Just that?  Yes, just that.  Easy right, you become what you think about.  Apparently for me it’s a bit harder than just that.  I seem so have real difficulty in achieving some with just my mere thoughts.

That got me thinking that there must be something I am doing wrong.  Or something I am leaving out.  Not far into this book I realized my first mistake being goals.  I have goals. I have great goals, my problem is I don’t write things down.  I am a lazy writer, I don’t like it much.  But having goals that’s written down is an essential component to make it all work.

It’s a valuable lesson to me.  One that should not be considered lightly.  I tried it and I saw real great success in it.  I have these little colored post-it’s all over the house.  On the bathroom tiles, on the fridge on the back door, in my home office on the wall…. I have them everywhere.  Now my rule is to read them when I am there.  When I brush my teeth and going out the back door, every time I would read them, close my eyes, see it in my minds eye and smile adding a great feeling to the moment.

So, we become what we think about.  In other words, my life is what my thoughts make of it.  Interesting isn’t it?  It is surprising that many Christians suffer more than they should, it is mentioned in the Bible a few times.

The mind can be compared to a garden.  That which I plant in the garden will grow.  Be it trees or flowers or herbs, even poisonous plants, that which I plant that will grow.  See your thoughts as the seeds, and the your mind the garden.  The thoughts you plant in your mind are the thoughts that will grow, in your life and all around you, in everything you touch. This is also referenced in the Bible as as ye sow so shall ye reap.

I find it interesting how many of these things we must do and learn to do to change our lives are also written about in the Bible.  Spirituality changed a bit for me, my spirituality got deeper and stronger.  Many things especially stuff written in the Bible started to open up and I have a clear understanding which I didn’t have before.

I have written another article about the book The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.  Follow the link above to read more.


The Easyway to Stop Smoking Book by Allen Carr

If you think The Easyway to Stop Smoking book by Allen Carr is just a bunch of tips telling people how to quit smoking you are way off track, there are a lot more to this book than you may think.  Smokers that cannot quit is in a maze, they try but they have no way of escaping the smoking monster.

Allen Carr supplies in his book all that is needed to get free, he gives the exact method to get out.  Follow this to the t and you will be free.  But fail to do so, may result in you never ever getting rid of this horrible monster.

If you are thinking about, or serious about quitting I strongly recommend you get your hands on a copy and read it asap.  Before you change your mind.

The easy way to be free from smoking is this way.  They say it’s never easy, but believe me when I say this, this one is.

What caught and held my attention was the way he described smoking as being a little monster.  I have a vivid very real picture in my mind of this monster my imagination has come up with.  It’s a horrible pink color, (I don’t like pink very much), with horns and thorns with the ugliest face with an expression you just want to smack off…a satisfied look that he has won me… That mental image made the change happen within me.  I crushed that little ugly monster for good.  He will never find his way back again.

Over 30 million people around the globe’s lives were changed with this little book.  This is powerful stuff.  But not only smoking, apparently it helps with other abuse problems too, drugs, alcahol, weight problem and more.  I would never have thought this, but when I think about it for a moment, I can see how it can be extremely useful to any unwanted habits.  Just apply the same thing to whatever it is you want to overcome and I see now way how it cannot work.

How awesome is this, the easyway to stop smoking book can help you overcome your weight issues too.  That is incredible.  For someone who has truly been struggling this can be the way out.  I was a victim of a weight related issue for many years.  I have since overcome it, but I can see how the idea in this book can really be of tremendous help.  This could be the answer you have been looking for.

I am a happy non smoker and I will never go back.  You can read more on my very own thoughts, feelings and experiences after reading this great book Easyway To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr right here just follow the link.

The Game Of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

The results came quick, within a few days.  Within the first few pages of this great book The Game Of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn she tells the story of how she wanted a rose tree.  She asked to receive, stated and intented, did exactly what she teaches us to in this book, and just like that, she got her rose tree just as she wanted.

This is a great example of how powerful our words and thoughts are.  The advice is solid and true.  Thoughts and words become things.  Follow the principles and just let go.  It works every time.  I tested it out myself.  I also taught some to my son, he is 7 and he is getting results.  He has improved on his overall class attention and performance, and he sorted out some bullies by practicing the rules like she teaches us to.

It’s easy, anyone can do it, it’s easy to do and easy to understand.  Also easy to apply into your everyday life.  It’s like a manual of how to transform personally, it’s a easy and simple to follow book on the real power we all have within us.

To win the game of life, we need to know how to play this game.  Study and practice the principles, the rules of the game in this book and you will find prosperity, you will be able to solve complex problems, you health will be better than ever and you will achieve great personal relations, all because you will have the know how of how this game works, how it’s played and you have a map, the The Game Of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn.

Follow the link to read more on my thoughts and insights about this great book The Game Of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn


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