6 of my Bucket List Books

This page changes from time to time.  As I read these wonderful books I will replace it with a new interesting wonderful book.  Each of course gets their own special spot amongst the ones I’ve already read.  I love reading and I absolutely enjoy the fact that I can read all my favorite books and share my thoughts, feelings and insights with you.  Of how my life has been influenced and changed by the amazing words in each.

Here follows the list of the top books on my bucket list.  This is my book bucket list by the way.  This is a list of books I want to, but haven’t yet had the privilege of getting into.  Not yet have my hands had the opportunity of touching the pages.  Not yet heard the delightful sound, the crack when the cover opens for the very first time.  When I slide my hand across the first page, just to feel the book.  Each book has a different vibration, a different feel to it. a Different life.

So, here follows my list:



The beautiful inspirational poem The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer is truly a work of art.

Beautiful beyond words.

My favorite line in the poem is:

“I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.”

It truly is a beautiful deep powerful poem.  I can relate to the complexity of life it describes.

The constant search for deeper meaning in my life.

I can identify and relate with the ordinary woman,

whom embraces the joys and sorrows of life,

while challenging herself and those around her to live life more freely, to the fullest.

Why do I access the person I truly are so infrequently?

When I stop fighting life, the strength will find me.

The strength to do whatever needs to be done.

Although consciousness is not your ticket to a problem free life.

Troubles, heartaches and pain will still occur, I should embrace the opportunities they present, rather than being victimized by it.

This beautiful inspirational poem The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer addresses the widespread superficiality of our time.  This book takes the poem and digs deep into the heart of the poem exploring each theme.

She describes the poem as “a declaration of intent, a map into the longing of the soul, the desire to live passionately, face to face with ourselves and skin to skin with the world.”





What appeals to me:

She promises to introduce a new approach to decision making, a tool with which to reclaim my life.  No matter what I am indecisive about, big or small challenges.  If you are having trouble, start with ten.  What intrigues me most is this, it obviously helps her, would it work the same for me?  How does it work exactly?

I am open to exploring all ideas and possibilities.

Start with 10.  How will this decision affect me and my life in the next 10 minutes, then what about 10 months? And then ultimately how will my next decision affect me and my life and all others around me over the next 10 years?

These are amazing questions.

So, sitting here thinking to myself.  If only I take the chance to take a moment and think about my choices, my decisions to react to something.  If I consider the after effects for the next 10 minutes, and what effect it might have in 10 months… you get the idea.

This 10 minutes 10 months 10 years is a process.

The first step is a question, the next stem entails collating the information then analyze everything.  Its a good process for someone like me who tends to react impulsive and usually not in an acceptable way.  I figure if Suzy Welch  teaches me to apply steady discipline to replace the chaos with certainty.  The confusion with clarity and all guilt with feelings of joy.

Ten Minutes Ten Months Ten Years by Suzy Welch promises to be a chatty book, filled with true life examples.  Examples like you and me, that teaches the simple, yet effective way to approach decision making in all areas of life.

I am intrigued to find out more….



The next book on my list is an interesting choice.  It most definitely will not appeal to everyone, just a few.  But for those who are interested, it is crammed with stimulating ideas, and case studies of both hetero and homosexual relationships.  Best to be read by both partners, or alternatively read to one another…

A refreshing easy to read book that takes a look at the issues of married eroticism.  Might the security, routine and stress of a couple be the ultimate passion killer?  Do you feel that intimacy with the same partner can become limiting?  I for one do, so I am looking to be proved wrong on this aspect of life as a couple. 

Habit and certainty kill desire.  But how can we live comfortably with all the elements of unpredictability and risk that are essential for healthy eroticism. 

Adding children in to the equation makes it easier to loose your erotic self in a very short time.  Luckily for all of us who’s eroticism in a long term relationship is important, we can learn a lot from this lovely book: 

Mating in Captivity, Unlocking Erotic Intelligence by Esther Perel. 

  It’s about erotic intelligence, and takes a look at how married intimacy can be both dirty and exciting. 

A definite must read.




You know those times, when you find it hard to believe that your God would let this happen to you?

Times when you doubt whether God even exist…

Times when the hurt is so much, its unbearable.

After his son died of progeria at the very young age of 14, Rabbi Kushner wrote this book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People for all those who wants to go on believing, in spite if all the bad that happens to us.

This book is for those of us whose anger at God makes it hard to hold on to our faith, we experience difficulty to be comforted by religion.

We all need help, at some point in our lives to deal with all the apparent unfairness of the suffering in the world.  We need help in an accessible way that helps people of all spiritual persuasions to make peace and accept loss, heartbreak and tragedy.

We all suffer, but it’s in how we respond and react to trauma that determines whether we heal, although we keep the mark as a reminder, or whether we stay wounded, never really getting over it.

It’s not God that does this to us, nor allows it to happen, we must find acceptance in what is.  Many times, things just happen, for no apparent reason at all, just some bad luck, bad people or maybe just some simple inevitable consequence of the natural universal laws.

But we have the power.  The power of choice, we can choose to blame others, or to blame God.  If we can rather try to find meaning in our suffering.

Over four million sales of When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner”, suggest that this book offers a constructive way to work through the pain and suffering.



I want to acquaint myself with the You can Heal Your Life book by Louise Hay which has been a bestseller for many years.  A self help classic which emphasized personal responsibility and the power of choice.  Our thoughts become our reality and we are all inclined to repeat family patterns of interaction.  We all suffer from various degrees of self hatred and guilt.  This kind of mindset creates more and more negativity in our lives and in our bodies.

Universal intelligence takes us at face value, it gives us what we ask for and expect to receive, and reinforces our believes.

We all have creative powers which we can use for growth and self healing.

The key idea is that life is simple and easy.  That what we give out, that we get back.  In other words, that which you sow in your life and the world around you, that is what you will reap, or get back from life or the universe.  Whatever it is that you think and feel today, this is what will shape and mold your tomorrow.

Today and the rest of your life is in your hands, if you understand how your thoughts and feelings manifests your reality this gives a new appreciation of the significance of everything we think and feel and do

I see it’s been republished with bright, beautiful illustration in full living color and exquisite typography.  Each page promises to be a work of art by artist Joan Perrin Falquet.

This book is a beautiful object, every page written on soothing, glossy watercolors for you to feel happy while reading.

The message that we are each responsible for our own reality and disease.  Which is actually meant to be “dis-ease”.  We make ourselves ill by thoughts of self-hatred.  These being conscious or subconscious.  Most of which has been instilled in our subconscious mind by our constant wrong conscious thinking and feeling.

This book by Louise Hay includes a directory of ailments an emotional causes for each, with corresponding affirmations to help overcome the illness and change your subconscious thinking which changes your life.

The author is an amazing person, overcoming childhood abuse and childhood rape as well as cancer.  Anyone with a history like hers who rose above it all knows what they are talking about and are worth the read, I think, although many describe her as being a charismatic charlatan.

This might not be the ideal reading for all, it may wrongly be construed as ableism, fat phobia and victim blaming.  I am also a believer that not dealing with past trauma, and negativity on my part plays a role in my life.  In all major aspects of my life, my health, my wealth my freedom and my happiness.

I can create or heal any sickness within my body.  I also choose people and circumstances in my life and more.

The book promises to be an entertaining read with good suggestions on how to overcome trauma as well as the all too great importance of forgiveness.  It makes the connection between physical health and psychological and emotional health.

Although I have come across many contradictions in people’s thoughts about this book.  I would like to read it to see for myself what all the fuss is about.  Some say her arguments are odious, and some found great value in what she wrote.

I believe it could bring some emotional relief by using the processes that have been supplied, but I also believe it can bring many a sense of guilt and self=blame regarding the tragedies of their lives.

If you do read it, read it with an open mind and an open heart.  Never blame yourself for your disease or bad habit or situation you find yourself in, but see a way to heal and change whatever needs to change.  Blaming yourself for anything cannot bring on anything good at all.

I am definitely reading this one soon, just to see what all the fuss is about.  To me it’s mind boggling how a best seller for so many years can get so much hatred. For me this one is a definite must read.



The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra is a pocket size practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams.

It portrays the idea that personal success is not the outcome of hard work, big plans or ambition, but rather the understanding of our basic human nature as human beings and how to follow the laws of nature.

When these laws are applied and followed in our lives, we can create everything we want, because the same laws nature uses to create can also bring about the fulfillment of our deepest desires.

The seven laws are as follows:

  1. The law of pure potentiality
  2. The law of giving
  3. The law of karma
  4. The law of least effort
  5. The law of intention and desire
  6. The law of detachment
  7. The law of dharma

These are the laws of nature, of spirituality, but also the laws of life.

Everyone I know, who has read this book has been helped by it.  These are not wasted words and anyone of any faith can profit from this book.

It’s practical advice about living, with spiritual teachings which compliment and support spirituality makes this a recommend read for anyone of any religious views.

This is a wise book which gives real great advice, a practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams.  This is a book to be read and cherished, for within these pages are written the secrets of making all your dreams come true.  Apparently.

Based upon natural laws that govern all of creation, it offers a life altering perspective on the attainment of success.  Whatever success for the reader may be.

We come to understand our true nature, and we learn to live in harmony and love with natural law, a sense of well being, good health, fulfillment in relationships and abundance spring forth easily and effortlessly.

This sounds like a book I will want to read and refer to again and again as its teachings into the seven simple, yet very powerful principles can be easily applied to create success in any and all areas of my life.

A groundbreaking book that blends physics and philosophy, as well as the practical and spiritual, with dynamic results.

This book appeals to me because of the 7 laws.  I’d love to know more about these, and what each law entails.  That is the reason I would like to read this book soon, very soon.





























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