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Miracles by Stuart Wilde

I came into contact with this book.  I didn’t know the author at all.

  Stuart Wilde???      Who is he?

Anyway it doesn’t bother me too much.

I am intrigued by the name of the book so I started to read.

Within the first 10 minutes I was hooked. 

I have a saying I like to use.

It goes:

“Every day holds the promise, or possibility of a miracle”.

I am not saying this book is the only one and the true one, but it’s got something that I have come across before in different ways and different occasions.

Something extra ordinary. 

That can only mean one thing, if more than one knows this and it works for them, there is definitely something true in it.

I’ve come across the same message in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as well.  Just one such example.  Follow the link and read my thoughts on that amazing book.

I found it very interesting, and very appealing.  I ended up reading this book by Stuart Wilde 4 times.  And I am sure going to read it again.

One thing that struck me about this book, is that Stuart Wilde shows you that to create miracles, you have to be very clear about what it is you want.  Your dreams, your desires, your life and your future, you have to be clear and concise.  If you don’t know exactly what you want, how should the universe or the Higher Power or anyone know what to get you?

You have to be forthright and act as if you have already obtained whatever it is that you desire, the energy you create are so powerful and so strong that the Universal Law gives you whatever you desire.

You have an immense power within you, you just have to believe it and know how to tap into it.  This power is impartial, unemotional, indestructible and infinite.  It is the same power that history  miracle makers used, and it is still ready and available, at our fingertips to be used today.

The Universal Law has limitless potential, this power is at our disposal and can be used to work miracles in our lives every day.

This is a great little book, the information is straight forward and to the point.

It is so short and simple, but gives you a lot to think about. This book is a keeper.

What I liked about this book was it’s simplicity, it’s a blueprint for creating miracles.

Click here to get your copy of Miracles by Stuart Wilde.









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