101 ways to make a million

A while ago I accidentally came across this tiny little book.  It’s tiny, but it’s got big wisdom inside it’s pages.

101 Ways to make a million written by Tanya Jovanovski is filled with stories about ordinary people who had an idea and acted upon it and made huge fortunes.  It’s like she says inside the book, “a plan without action is worth nothing”.

Inside the book there is a Chines Proverb I like very much, it goes: “Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it”.

There is quite a few stories inside the book that just blew my mind.  Let me share a few examples with you

“I arrived in South Africa from Kent, and realized that South Africans love gambling, so I launched a website where South Africans could play the UK Lottery”

Forget about the theory that only people with wealthy relatives and/or university degrees make money.  Aristotle Onassis had neither, and with a mere $200 embarked on a career that made him one of the richest men who ever lived.”

This is just two examples of 101 Ways To Make A Million, and many of the stories made me think to myself that I could do that…

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